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Hello Guests!!

Posted: Thu Oct 06, 2005 4:48 pm
by B-Spec
Please add a new topic to the guest book, and introduce yourself. We are a small, friendly group, and we'd like to know a bit about you as you join our discussion. You will need to register in order to view the forums..

This forum is a bit different than many others on the internet. We all share a love for the desert, and enjoy talking about places to go, sharing trip reports, getting ideas for future trips. We all come from different backgrounds; politically, religiously, geographically. But we put aside those differences to share our interest of the Death Valley and Panamint Valley area. As a result, we do not get into political or religious discussions, as they tend to become polarized quickly. Most of us are pretty much decided as to our leanings, so it is unlikely anyone's view will be changed. They are vast numbers of other websites on the internet to discuss such things; this forum is not one of them. We come together here to discuss the desert. Now, that is not to say we can have lively discussions about items such as land use, etc.

Do also read the Forum Rules, as posted here in the Guest Book, and the Site Info topic.

So, welcome, and we hope you enjoy your visit here at!