Saying hi from Helendale ca

Stop by and say Hello.
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Saying hi from Helendale ca

Post by WOKNROX »

Wanted to introduce myself wife & I along with r 8 yr old son have been coming out to Panamint Valley for 4 years now at least 3 times a year ..we were just out last weekend rock houndin (we talked with Rocky and all is good with him)we r abide jeepers with Cal 4 Wheelers &the VV 4 wheelers ...we attend the Trona Digg every year as well as PVD...I'd have to say that the Panamint Valley area is r favorite place to camp & play. Just wanted to say I'm very excited that I found this site to hear and share all the wonderful experiences we've all had in this beautiful place ...
thanx SteveO ...
Let's go wheelin!
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Re: Saying hi from Helendale ca

Post by David_Bricker »

Welcome! Glad to have you aboard. We love to hear or your trips and experiences in Panamint Valley.

Please take a minute to read the forum guidelines in this section. We're a friendly bunch, but we do avoid discussions of religion and politics, simply because no one is liable to convince any one else, and it just diverts our attention to things we can agree on, namely the desert.

David Bricker / SYR
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Re: Saying hi from Helendale ca

Post by B-Spec »

Welcome to the board. :beerchug:
desert4wd wrote:Sometimes you have to put up with nature's extremes to get away from peoples extremes...
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Re: Saying hi from Helendale ca

Post by Norman Johnson »

You are joining a seasoned group (mostly pepper) of PV and Mojave folks. But everyone sees different things when they are out driving around and it sounds like your rock-hounding is something some of us may want to hear more about.

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Re: Saying hi from Helendale ca

Post by D.A. Wright »

We get a lot of hounding by that rock named Larry, but we love him anyway ... :mrgreen:
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