Rolling the highways again

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Rolling the highways again

Post by Regis »

Found this website today and just had to join. I've lived in the High Desert in North LA and Sbdo County for decades, Palmdale, Littlerock, Lake Los Angeles, Lancaster, Victorville and Apple Valley (didn't live in Hesperia or Rosamond yet, but I imagine I'll get there!).

Been out to the Panamints a few times and going again soon. That perfect weather is just about upon us and that is pleasant temps and NO WIND! This is a rare event and you can count on only a few times a year, in the Spring and Fall, when you get these conditions. In the car, it doesn't make much of a difference, but on a motorcycle, it makes the difference between a great trip and fighting the hard winds in the afternoon, all afternoon long.

Hopefully a couple of my coworkers will accompany me, from Palmdale, up to Randsburg and then cruise by the Fish Rocks, then over to Trona, via the old road, then up and over the Slate Range until we hit the twisty summit crossing over into the Panamint Valley. The summit has to be one of my favorite parts and I love bringing new friends, who've never seen it. You round the corner and suddenly the whole panorama of the valley just opens up like an infinitely huge big theater screen and you are just blown away by the awesomeness of it!

My third-ex (sheesh!) have mountain biked the Panamints, up Pleasant Canyon (that is one tough climb!) up to Clair's camp a couple of times and that's one I want to do soon too. I'd like to know if Rocky and George are still doing OK at Ballarat? It was fun hanging out and sitting in the old chairs on the porch, while the gentle warm breeze and the incredible view just added to the experience.

We're just waiting for that ONE special Spring day of no wind and nice temps and then, we're going to get 'sick' and not feel well and have to leave work early, like by 9 am, if at all. Then we'll be rolling the empty highways at a moderate speed, cause we're not in a hurry and just soak it up. :mrgreen:
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Re: Rolling the highways again

Post by D.A. Wright »

Glad to see you made it to our little corner of Inyo!

I was born in Victorville, raised in the foothills between Apple Valley and Lucerne Valley.


Left the region in '74 for the wilds of the Eastern Sierra at June Lake and Big Pine with my first wife. Now settled in north-central Nevada.
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Re: Rolling the highways again

Post by jamessel »

Hello Regis,
Here is a thread about George,
He was our friend too and we all miss him....( yes I'm speaking for everyone)

But the good there is trout fishing near Ballarat. See thread
Welcome to the forum BTW
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Re: Rolling the highways again

Post by David_Bricker »

Welcome to! Be sure to read the forum rules when you have a chance. There is a wealth of information here, and we are a friendly bunch. Since you've lived in the area for some time, we'd love to hear stories of your experiences in and around Panamint and Death Valleys.

David Bricker / SYR - TUS
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