Hola from Southern California

Stop by and say Hello.
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Hola from Southern California

Post by EricM »

I've have been lurking on the board for a few weeks now. I've really been enjoying reading about the history of the area. This past weekend, my family and I were camping in Calico and we met B-spec and Kelly from the boards. They suggested I go ahead an post in the welcome thread.

Back in college, approx 1983, I had a '74 CJ6 which I took on a trip through Panamint, and Owen's valleys. As time permits, I'll scan and post some photos of the trip. Here's one from the yellow grade going up to Cerro Gordo:


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Re: Hola from Southern California

Post by rubiblue »

I've always enjoyed that view of the Sierra's! Welcome to the board.

BTW, not all of us are as crazy as the two you mentioned! :twisted:

Some of us are worse... :angel:
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Re: Hola from Southern California

Post by Kelly »

Hey Eric
Welcome aboard. Not sure what Rubiblue is talking about :wink:
Nice picture, keep em coming.
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Re: Hola from Southern California

Post by David_Bricker »

Welcome to the boards, Eric. You've met B-Spec and Kelly. Now, you heard from Rubiblue. It can't get any worse!

When you get a chance, please read the forum guidelines. We're an easy going bunch, really enjoy seeing old pictures such as you've started with your post.

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Re: Hola from Southern California

Post by B-Spec »

Hey man.. Nice to see you here.. Good talking to you at Calico.. :beerchug:
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