Howdy Panamint

Stop by and say Hello.
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Howdy Panamint

Post by ChasInternet »

Saw an Xterra with the website on it at P.S.R. so stopped by and talked with (I believe) B-Spec. Have always liked the area and looking forward to exploring it more often. Glad to find the forum.


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Post by desert4wd »

:welcome: - Doug
B-Spec wrote:I don't do trails to prove anything.. I do them because I enjoy it. I could care less about proving anything to anyone..
Not much to offer these days since I'm cleaning out the flickr (photo site) because of high pricing.
Older Fling and Haul stuff (up to about 2008):
Maybe a few things here still but I haven't updated for a couple years.:
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Post by AndyR »

Nice Jeep. Good to have another 4dr around here.

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Post by David_Bricker »

Welcome, Charlie!

There's a bunch of good people on this site, and simply amazing with information to share. This board is also great in that we don't get into political discussions usually (plenty of other boards for that), but have a great time enjoying each other's experiences in Death And Panamint valleys.

David Bricker / SYR
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Post by Panamint Charlie »

Welcome to the board, Charlie
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Post by Older Fossil »

Welcome Charlie!

But be careful. Getting to know AndyR could be hazardous to the health of your wallet!
Wandering around America in our home with wheels.
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Post by BucYouUp68 »

AndyR wrote:Nice Jeep. Good to have another 4dr around here.

Hey What am I chop Liver. :shock:

Welcome Aboard.
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Post by B-Spec »

Welcome to the board.... It was good talking to you the other day. Glad to see you joined up.. I'll have to get out to those mines we talked about sometime soon! :D
desert4wd wrote:Sometimes you have to put up with nature's extremes to get away from peoples extremes...
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Post by ChasInternet »

I read the boards a bit before joining and seemed like a good place. I will try to join the trips posted here to make new friends while getting more familar with the country.

I was introduced to the area by my brother who did his Geology degree field work while living in Darwin in one of those small shacks in back of old post office/gas station for a few months in early 80s. He knows much about historical mining and especially mercury mines (old USGS job). We have explored old mine sites over the years but he is rarely available for trips since he works a regular corporate job. I'll try to get him to join these boards too.

I bought the Jeep Rubi last month and already put 4500 miles on it in 2 trips.
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I am not into off roading as much as old mine site exploring - which of course requires off roading. I have a lifetime "everything" warranty on my Jeep - so trying to keep things stock where I can. I have read Andy's thread on his jeep and others - yes this off road stuff does take $$$.

The "no political" comment sounds like there must be a history but its not my cup of tea anyway. If you want to discuss what trumps political contentiousness - theology - I use to be the message board administrator and debate moderator for a Christian forum on CompuServe. I also work as a consultant in litigation (mostly research work for attorneys in electronic patent/trade secret litigation). Argument doesn't bother me but I have no interest in working without pay - so no worries :)


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Post by Lewis »

Forget the Jeep, I like the mine shaft !

Let me know when your coming out, Im allways looking for someone (a victim) to go mine/ ghost town exploring with !

"Behind every pretty girl on the trail is a guy checking out her behind" ~Lewis
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Post by Bill Gossett »

Welcome :D Yeah, I recognize that jeep. It wasn't that long ago I think I saw you cruisin around out here.
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