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"The Food Excelled"
  In regards to Air conditioning in select rooms, another refreshed traveler exclaimed. "I Felt like I was sleeping in a peaceful Sierra meadow in the fall" 
  These reasons, and a fine staff have made Panamint Springs Resort a destination of choice for outdoor aficionados from all walks of life.
  Gas, food, motel, and tent/RV camping available year round.
   Visit them here


Stay Out, Stay Alive

  Venturing in and around abandoned or active mines and buildings has been found to be hazardous to the health.  We feel compelled to ask our readers who find themselves in the vicinity of such workings to please use the utmost caution in retreating from those dangerous areas.

Panamint Valley, California
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Exclusive PanamintValley.com poetry

Desert clan from every walk of life
Women with ‘can do’ spirits
Some shy and quiet, some not so

Men with character and
just plain ‘characters’
Helpful or cantankerous,
Poor or rich, young and old.

Comrades living and playing
In extreme temperature
And barren terrain

Fighting spirits
Rugged individualism

Red light districts, playful teasing
Love of history
And the pioneer way

Ripened stories shared.
Facts interspersed with fiction

I listen and hear echos of
When handshakes
Were contracts
And silent prayers
Were valued

When nomads moved
Across the desert
With lightened loads

These are but snapshots,
Each picture a new dimension of the same
Passing on the light and traditions of old

When relaxing on the porch
Or the mountaintop
The history of the world
Can be viewed
In cacti,old mines and rocks

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George Novak
April 26th 1920 - April 8th 2011